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Budget Branded Gazebos

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We repair all indoor and outdoor display equipment
and also offer replacement parts

Budget Branded gazebos, flags and banner displays offered along with the widest variety of other diverse outdoor branding material.
We offer the best value for money and can help expose your brand professionally by utilizing outdoor display products.
We offer budget branding at its best!

Outdoor advertising media

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of outdoor advertising displays.

Econo Steel  Branded Gazebos

Econo branded gazebos are great as they offer the same brand area as the more pricey standard steel or deluxe frames units, but the difference is hidden in the detail of these gazebos.

The econo is okay and it does do the job but it’s not deal for repeated use as the workmanship isn't great and the steel wall thickness a little thin. In a nut shell, the Econo gazebo becomes flimsy after repeated use,

Deluxe Steel Branded Gazebos
The deluxe steel gazebo unit is the next best bet for outdoor advertising media. This unit is strong and you will not have too much of an issue setting this gazebo up repeatedly as the gazebo offers a nice and sturdy frame and structure.

The only down side it the weight of the frame at around 22 kg. This could prove challenging when you (or your staff) needs to carry the unit(s) from the carpark to the point of brand awareness interest.

Deluxe Aluminium Branded Gazebo
The third branded gazebo we offer is the deluxe aluminium gazebo unit.
This is a great buy and comes with a full factory warrantee and parts service.
The GAZEBO's frame is manufacture red from a thick aluminium hexagon poles the forms the legs and other natural anodised parts used as cross brasses and plastic connectors and clips the keeps the hight ajustable parts together to for the best foldable gazebo up and in perfect shape and ready for many events, expo's and events.
The gazebo canopy is also printed using a sublimation, full colour print process that branded the roof in full colour and it's also waterproof so you'll be save and dry during normal rain weather.
We repair most gazebo, flag and banner systems and offer reprints for such banner systems.
Need exsisting gazebos repaired?
We can fix most gazebo frames in the market and even offer rebranding for such gazebo frames
Sales: 010 444 0106 |
Owner: Tommy 072 780 3278
Tugela Ave, Florida Glen, Roodepoort, 1709
Sales: 010 444 0106
Owner: Tommy 072 780 3278
Tugela Ave, Florida Glen, Roodepoort, 1709
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